ROCK ON TOPPLISTA NR.4 2021 going on from: week 14 - week 29

Voting: Vote for 3 songs / week (Not 3 votes for the same song, nor only 1 or 2 songs, 3 songs apply of the 7).

Select 3 songs that you want to cast your votes on, (example: Song 3: 3p, Song 5: 2p, Song 6: 1p) Vote on email:

The song (1 song) with the lowest score (Mondays) goes off the list every week until there is 1 song left.

In some of the weeks the list will be presented spontaneous in my show "JBGS" at

Radio Botkyrka 91.6 MHz

Sunday week 29 The winner is crowned!

Points count:

p = points

1st vote = 3p

2nd vote = 2p

3rd vote = 1p

1. Krakel - Cannonball Run 79p

2. Empresses - Empress 67p

3. The New Black Diamonds - Way Back Home 66p

4. Collide - Break 64p

5. Shadowside - What If 60p

6. Royal Mess - Mr Freedom 45p

7. Emma Varg - Surrender 42p

Krakel Zpektakel was formed in the early 80's.

2021 KRAKEL releases their second album. 2020 did not offer any live performances due to pandemic and gigs at festivals and clubs were postponed .. Instead, the band devoted itself to livestreams and the creation of new music. In 2020, KRAKEL's music was played on radio in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Finland and more. and also on Swedish Radio! KIngdom of Stupids became the song of the year on SNL. (Sorce in Swe)


A Swedish rockband,

The New Black Diamonds is a rock band that has its stronghold in Småland's Eksjö in Sweden. The band plays their own songs with a touch of blues rock with catchy choruses. Influences come from both the 60's, 70's and 80's rock music. (Sorce)


A Swedish rockband.

Shadowside, formed in Santos in 2001, they have been conquering rock and metal fans around the world ever since their first moment on stage, and is nowadays one of the biggest names in Brazilian heavy metal. The band is fronted by Dani Nolden, one of the most powerful and praised female voices of current heavy metal, chosen by popular vote for three years in a row as Best Metal Female Singer in Brazil at (2011, 2012 and 2013).

(Sorce) Photo by: Bryan Burch

Nalle Påhlsson, started his career already in 1974 playing with his friends in a garage in "Sätra", a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. The first gigs were at "school dances" and youth clubs. In 1980 he became member of a band called K.O.D.A. who had a record contract and he made his first recording ever with them. in 1983 he became songwriter and producer for swedish teenage idol Niclas Wahlgren. From 1984 up until today he has played with a huge number of artists and bands. Between 2005 and 2012 he was member of the swedish melodic rock band TREAT. In october 2008 he became member of the band THERION and toured the world with them until august 2019. He has now withdrawn from the long touring but remains a member of the band for forthcoming recordings and songwriting.
In 2015 he released his own album  Royal Mess (Sorce)

Emma Varg, is a high energy rock vixen with a definite mind. She’s been determined from the beginning and started writing her own material at 10 years old. To never take no for an answer and to be stubborn paid off. At the age of 18 she released her hit single ‘Cannonball’ for Marianne Records. During her six months long tour, ‘Cannonball’ entered the top 10 Swedish charts during 2005. Emma made an immediate national impact and while touring she moved to Gothenburg where she met the guys who would later become the new members of the band.

For all you lovers of blazing guitars, smashing drums and a hyperbole of attitude, you'll be thrilled with Emma Varg. (Sorce)


TOPPLISTA NR. 1 - 2020

Jessica Jäger - Älskade Barn

TOPPLISTA NR. 2 - 2020

Friberg - Höga husen

TOPPLISTA NR. 3 - 2021

Eva Dahlberg - Du mitt barn